Sunday, September 18, 2011

People. Angels. Grace.

We have a veritable army, have you heard?  Blachy. Ally. Oksana. Melissa. Polly. Sandy. Solange. John. Anna. Christina.

The list goes on and on... literally well over 50 people I've met who've helped or treated us that I can barely name.  How in the world could I ever thank them all?  I can remember their faces.  More often than not I remember what they were wearing or physical features.  I could never ever ever remember their full names and their departments and if they are students, fellows, residents, or attendings.

I can sometimes remember the names of departments like Pediatric Hematology Oncology, or as they say in the hospital, Ped HemOnc (sounds like peed hem onk).

Jan. She is our county nurse. She comes to the house so we don't have to drive to the pediatrician's office.  She accidentally found us through receiving a rogue fax that had traveled from one office to, oddly enough, a humane society, and then to Benton County Health Services where she saw a small note that said "has tumor" under the referral for a community program for first time parents.  She comes to weigh Grace, take her temperature, monitor her health and vitals, and check in on us parents.  She's wonderful.  Absolutely wonderful.  She's helped with breastfeeding issues and weight gain issues for baby.

Lori is a case manager from my insurance.  She calls routinely to moms.  She is a nurse and she has been very supportive emotionally.  She calls me often to check in.  It makes me feel very good inside.

Lynn.  She is our insurance case manager for Grace.  She is handling some mismanaged billing issues so we don't have to.  How on earth to normal everyday working people deal with insurance issues when they have to work during their office hours?  I suppose a case manager makes it easier.  I spent hours on the phone and even more hours afterwards miserable from the rigamarole.  She is there so I don't have to do that again.  THANK GOD FOR LYNN!

These are just health professionals and nurses and doctors and strangers helping us.  I haven't begun to count of family and friends who still support us from afar with gifts and prayers or near with hugs and dinner and laughs.

There are the few, and I mean I can count on one hand, people that I would be happy to not have serve or care for us again... but maybe they had bad days or just don't fit our personality.  Sally... I'm afraid if I could vote you off the island you'd be first.  And you too girl nurse who ignored my calls.  Just saying.  What's with the tude?

We aren't done with people though.  Just Friday we met John and Peggy and Dr. Sedation.  That's not his name.  That's just what he does. People ALL THE TIME! It's hard to get accustomed to the barrage, the tidal wave of people.  In fact, tidal wave is accurate.  They come for a bit, then leave.  While they are gone they are impossible to reach.

For instance, the surgeons are a sneaky bunch (in a stealthy way... not a creepy way).  A resident informed us that they like to come in, talk to the patient and leave before any nurses or docs notice.  Sneaky they were too. You learn the totem pole too.  Don't ask a doc for orange juice.  He'll get you a straw and orange jello.  That task is "below" them... but I can honestly say most everyone wouldn't act that way. :P

Although it is overwhelming with all these people, they are all there to care for us.  Sure they are charging us up the wazoo for it and thank God we waited for health insurance to cover almost all the costs.  We waited for Kris's job and health insurance before trying for a baby.  Good thing too.  But regardless of money, they are a team of (mostly) organized and motivated and educated and bright caring people ready to dispatch the next sentry to help our little family and our little Grace.  They are really good people.  We are in good hands.

Thank you Universe for these blessings.  God pulls together the people around us in a way we won't ever really comprehend.

I would be remiss to not include the other angels in our life.  A "People. Angels. Part Two."  We have family, friends, and strangers who are friends of friends praying for our family.  People have us on their minds.  People care.  It's infectious.  It started with just our inner circle.  And now it's spread to more and more people.  Prayer circles, extended-extended family, and people I rarely speak to and who have never even met Grace... or Kris and myself even.

When I hear about this I think... I would peddle on the street for prayers for my daughter.  When you have NO control and all you can do is hope and try to be strong for each other and the baby, peddling for good feelings is never beneath you.

Thankfully I don't have to peddle.  People  are attracted to us to give us goodwill, like moths to a light.  A pull in the universe is tugging on all the little threads leading people to come together to create a larger family we have never needed to lean on before.  One that fills the mural of our life and paints together this family of humanity as a backdrop that saves us from total emotional oblivion. Which we've been tiptoeing around.

People caring. People reaching out.  People showing love undeserved or unearned. 

Do you know what that is?  That is the definition of Grace.

Thank you all.  Keep those prayers a-coming.

We'll keep you posted when we can.  Baby is crying.  She needs a bunch of kisses.  Oh and a diaper change.  And don't forget the milk.

-Signed, The Peddling Mother

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