Monday, May 23, 2011

An Alice and Wonderland Tea Party/ Baby Shower Invitation!!

Meet my sister Emily. She's hosting my baby shower for my first baby. Baby Grace.
And the theme?

"Alice in Wonderland! A very merry unbirthday tea party!" When she screamed it, I knew the upcoming baby shower plans were going to blow all previous ones out of the water. We have brainstormed games, a location, foods, and decorations. Loads of ideas! Loads of help too!

The only thing is the baby shower........ isn't until July! Let's just say I like to be prepared. (Neurotic, bored, over achieving, and insatiable also apply).

Take a gander at my invitation creation for the baby shower!

I couldn't help myself. I worked several hours compiling all the clip art to make it work. SQUEEE!!!

Emily is the hostess of the party, but naturally, I couldn't keep my grubby fingers out of it. I'm a party planning junky. She was in the middle of a move across the country to San Francisco and I had to get cracking on invitations. Right? That's how I rationalize it at least.

My sister is as cool as a cucumber and she better be! Considering she'll have a 37 week pregnant crazy lady in the summer heat. Thankfully it will be indoors. With tea and coffee on the rocks I imagine to quench the thirst.

I can't wait for all the fun ideas to collide into one big girly tea party!


Mollie. said...

Love the tea pot pouring out the baby things!

Em said...

gosh i love that invitation!

Janee Lookerse said...

Hi! I'm here visiting from Wild Olive! I love your invitation :)


Emma said...

What a delightful invitation. Lovely work indeed, no need to rationalise something so beautiful.