Sunday, January 2, 2011

Rainy Days: Part 2

Oh the food and eating was better today. Since I discovered my culprit, spit!, I was able to use other means to eliminate it so it didn't settle in my stomach and make me sick. Woohoo! I could fit more food in my tummy comfortably. I ate very well today. Two fruit and yogurt and cereal parfaits, some fried rice and chicken, and a snack or two. I just divide my meals up and listen to my body.

So now that the spit thing is better, though not completely gone. It's cousin muscus moves in occassionally and upsets things...

But that's not what I mean by rainy days part 2. And it's not that I got up to pee at 5 am every morning this week.


I'm watching Extreme Home Makeovers. Already a show that makes me weep, this kind of weepiness is uncontrollable. Commercials make me weep too.

I read to almost every post of this canner in Canada. I can weep about this part too- I realized two days ago that August, my baby's due date, is the season for canning. Great. And how will I can 4-6 bushels of tomatoes, 1 bushel of tomatillos, 4 bushels of peaches, two bushels of pears?? Sounds like a lot, but I have the tomatoes from this season, 4 bushels, with a major dent in them. They will last just long enough, that is if I can continue to stomach it. I am so sad my peaches are almost gone. SO SAD! I stopped opening the jars!

Food is constantly on my mind and a part of my conversations with Kris. What I will eat. What I won't eat. What I would try. What I want but couldn't possibly in my right mind or conscience devour without terrible results. Hot wings come to mind. French fries. Brocolli.

When I read how to avoid bloating and gas on a baby site, I was saved! I made a few changes and educated myself. And although the belching and farting hasn't stopped- I actually welcome it because it comes with relief on my stomach and bowels.

Great. I've mentioned all manner bodily functions. Again. I guess that's what this site is for!!

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Beth said...

You will have help when canning season arrives. It may even be a part of your nesting process!