Friday, December 31, 2010

And then it rained...

In more ways than one. My saliva glands are working overtime. I'm actually attributing some of my gas to saliva because I'm ALWAYS swallowing.

I craved apple pie, hot cakes, pastries (which I had one of), grilled cheese, and meat balls today. So my salivation instincts are on super high! I don't even have to think about food to salivate. SO yes it's raining. It's annoying. I feel like it activates my gag reflex! Gag!! I don't feel sick unless I'm swallowing or gassy. So I guess that's good.

So what does one do when you cannot poo? I'm just going to dive into that question. Probably because I know the answer now. I was all grippy and gassy and in general discomfort-the usual these days. I decided to do something about it. Two attempts for over 10 min on the toilet proved fruitless (except for several pages in my book- not that you asked). So Kris, who was also stricken with gripe bowels was occupying the humble toilet when I had a stroke of genius. Stretch! If I do some yoga I'll activate my digestive tract and all that good stuff! Ah ha so I was a genius!

Or I was just listening to my body. Ah the effect wasn't awesome. I didn't think, "huh now I can go." Rather after some major stretching and admittedly aggressive stomach massaging, it was more like, "Oh shit! I have to go! Kris get out of the bathroom!"

Of course this potty talk is all for my later amusement. Maybe I should be sure a put a warning at the beginning. Nah I'm too lazy. I'll put it here. **Warning this post contains some bodily functions of an undesirable nature.**

I don't care. When you are constipated and full of shit and gas, you pray to god for a miracle poo. You pray and pray. You don't eat so that you don't make things worse. Like a plugged toilet.... ok now it's getting gross. But that's what it feels like. Like I'm a sewer full of sewage.

Pregnancy is soooooooo sexy.

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