Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Color me scared

I came across (which I weirdly pronounce acrost) a website today.

It helped me as much as it scared the shit out of me.


Freak me out. The rate of c-sections scare me. Maternal mortality rates are on the rise and higher than ever in the past decades. Great.

OBs are surgeons. And although I have no personal qualms with particular doctors. I do have a problem with the institutional values that I read about. Maybe it's scare tactics or maybe this is all very real information. I'm doing the only thing I can- Educating myself.

So this is only one of the dozen very boring reasons or things that have contributed to or probably exacerabated my "Psycho Chick" in me. Jenny McCarthy said she'd come out. She'd be different than the weepy girl too. Very very psycho. Like my brain isn't working right, the wires are crossed and switched and a few are loose.

I couldn't possibly watch Biggest Loser with all the sadness. It makes me think about my life. Instead I discovered 4 unwatched Burn Notice episodes for my brain to just fizzle out to.

Kris is trying to spend more time with me. Too bad I'm absent. UGH.

I can't even think of a way to end this blog. Goodbye.

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