Friday, May 20, 2011

ERGObaby Carrier Giveaway at Make Baby

An amazing giveway is going on at! My sister-in-law has one and LOVES it! Other people I know have them and love it!

I am nesting with all the THINGS, THINGS, THINGS a baby brings! (To the point of driving myself and everyone around me crazy...). However, with an apartment I have to be selective. Selective about the amount and size of toys, appliances, and furniture Grace brings into the home. At the same time, what would I want and not want to be lugging up and down the stairs or in and out of the trunk.

A stroller isn't always necessary for a walk around the neighborhood. I want to strap my baby on in a safe carrier and walk out the door! Easy. I want to walk out the ERGObaby carrier! Based on reviews and ratings, I have to bring this item into my life one way or another.

One of those ways is the GIVEAWAY!!!! at!! Go to the link to enter! I know I will!

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