Sunday, December 19, 2010

Heartburn? Indigestion?

No pepcid for you! You're pregnant. And you will feel overfull and bloaty forEVA!

I feel bad. Not just physically. Which is true, I'm brain dead and ill feeling.

I feel bad for those mothers and fathers on Sixteen and Pregnant. Everyone pressures them to "have a plan." Now that I know what being an adult entails... I know for a fact that plans suck and life doesn't work that way. You need to have FAITH! Good hopes. Discipline and determination. Not some silly cookie-cutter plan derived from social norms that can be questionable at best. Yes, they need an income. They need to look for an income source to feed the baby and diaper the baby. They know that. These guys GET IT! But that worry center in their brain is still jaded. That belief center that believes people are good. That Santa is real. That you are protected by this mystical source of invincibility. People look down on this. I don't. I miss it. I want it back. Worrying gives you heartburn and it just leaves you spinning your wheels.

Honestly, these kids are just as lost as the adults are in this world. I wish someone would tell them that. So they perk up and chin up and keep that determination.

The biggest mistake? Picking the wrong partner to feel out the world in the dark with. That is the hardest and most damaging to your self esteem. Even more so if you have adults breathing down your neck who don't believe in you and can't give you more than their scorn.

Well, after crying at the end of the movie The Santa Clause, I think I am tired enough to sleep. That is until I lay down my heart burn is so sick I feel my food rising. Back to pretending I'm not pregnant for the world. Gain some composure and suck it up. It's hard if I have to burp every ten seconds and half the time it's food.

Where IS my husband?

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