Monday, January 24, 2011

3 hours out of the house

I was so unmotivated after Saturday, that today I got up the gusto to leave the house and get some stuff bought and some money burned.

So I'm about to leave at noon when duh I have to eat... so I went to quiznos! A bacon cheese beef sandwich and salad. And boy I'm glad I did. Because then I spent 15 minutes waiting at Bimart to be told my order for B-natal lozenges were ordered at a different store. I swear I ordered them there.... but my pregnant brain didn't do it that way. So off to the other Bimart. Another long wait (this was a theme of my day), and finally my lozenges for morning sickness. And... I can honestly say they help. I was nauseous and then I wasn't.

Then off to Grocery Outlet... where old ladies had death wishes. I was already qooky (is that even a word, too lazy to check) and my brain was weird. So I'm running circles around this store forgetting what I came for and who I was. And yes, I took a list... forgetting to look at it doesn't help much. But overall it was a happy shopping experience... Until crazy rice beotch wouldn't move. I said excuse me. AND I coughed again and said excuuuuuuuse me. She must have been deaf I thought.... but then she got her fucking rice... two minutes later. Put it in her basket and then looked right at my and with a nasty grimace commenced with her general shennanigans as an annoying old lady. No apology no smile. Bitch. I was sour after that.

And then I forgot to be mad, seeing as the pregnant brain was mushy and I was filling my ears with morning talk radio. So off I go, la dee da, sun is shining, I'm feeling good. AND BAM! Old lady. This happened allllllll day long. At Grocery Outlet. At Winco. At the coffee drive in. Literally an old lady walked up to the window... by this point all old bitches were on my kill list. She was harmless... but I was in such a hurry up and wait roller coaster that I was dying to run her over. She moved to another window.. and I almost fell asleep while I was waiting for a coffee drink, my blended heaven in a 12 oz cup.

This little piece of dangerous heaven. A vanilla java frost. I took one sip and new I would pay for this choice and I let it run over my taste buds and nearly cried with happiness. All the woes of old bitches and being thwarted in every aisle and at every turn, I was happy to just drink my drink, pick my husband up (who was early and received a cheesecake latte for good behavior) (I'm not sure what I would have done if he was late... drank the latte myself? I was in one of those crazy moods... driving on campus... I would have likely thrown it out the window to make an example of what happens when you are late and make your pregnant wife wait and drive around suicidal wreckless students (I fantasize about running these students over. A lot.)). But alas he was early. Crisis averted.

So off to home where my gallant husband brings up all the groceries and takes the cat to the vet. It feels like a real partnership when he listens to me and lightens the load. After a silly and embarassing adventure to the grocery store, he doesn't make me feel dumb. He doesn't make me feel crazy. He just listens and laughs. He makes adult decisions better now than before. And I trust him. He is a wonderful partner. I know he is scared. But he's also excited. I'm excited because I'll meet a whole new Kris. He's just the love of my life, and I would be stupid to not be with him. And instead of dreading life challenges or obstacles and going through them with Kris, I am excited. Sure it won't be perfect. Mistakes will be made and overcome. But the happiness will be great. I've been waiting to share that happiness with someone. And I'm so happy it's Kris.

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