Thursday, January 27, 2011

I feel normal...

is there something wrong with me? Or the baby?

Ok irrational moment pause... I had that icky blood test today. I felt loopy and dizzy and my blood sugar was crazy- but that is all normal. Every other day I feel that way... so it wasn't so bad. And now that I'm over it, I'm glad it wasn't worse and that my sickness is in the evenings.

SO when Kris got home- surprise surprise!! He felt kooky and crazy and tired... just like me. That is the worst combo. Me crazy + him crazy = fighting and bickering hungry tired people. So making dinner was an ordeal. We are smart though. We usually know to eat early, rest, and leave each other be when things get kooky.

Tonight's dinner was refreshing for both of us though. Chicken wings with hot sauce, sweet potato fries, and salad. Oh and they were sooo good. Not the same as Block 15, but pretty damn filling. Best wings I've made so far.

I am getting the itch to clear out my closets and cupboards and get rid of 30-40% of the stuff I've collected. I just need to feel like I have only everything I need and everything has a place. It's how I want a paper written and how I want my art done.. why not my life....?? I want order.. and right now it's boxed chaos. Out of sight and out of mind. Maybe nesting or maybe something I've wanted to do for a long time. I just have a reason now. I feel like it will bring relief. Chi. Karma. Happiness. I want to attract happiness and contentment. But I'm not content right now with my possessions.

Contentment, here I come!

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