Thursday, January 20, 2011


I was attacked last night. I'm afraid I did not escape the morning sickness completely- well it's at night and it's more like bloating attack. I've had three total so far and fuck do they suck. But alas, I'm thinking of the real baby bean in my tummy and I pray that it's all worth it.

Today, since I slept so little last night, I am taking it really easy. It's rough leaving the house at night. We are going to attempt going to a movie tomorrow night. I'm praying I don't get ill while I'm out. I can sometimes tell if it will be a rough night and sometimes it's a shock. But I know soon enough it will be over.

I am laboring over a stitched onesie and shopping for chocolate. These Etsy stores with all their handmade caramels and chocolates make me drool. I wish that I could eat it handful by handful, but I think I could only get a tiny nibble in. OH CARAMEL! $18/lb.................. I want them!!!! Maybe I'll go to the local chocolate shop first. Last itme I checked I think it was $22 or $26/lb. Kris says he just wants to make caramels ourselves.... well we did that... maybe there are some still left.

Another day closer... :D

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