Wednesday, January 19, 2011

No twins- disappointed?

NO WAY!!!! I saw a little teddy bear sized baby and it flailed and kicked and danced and it's about an inch long.

And it's allllllll mine!!

Twins- is a dream, but not because I wouldn't still have those two babies separately. I just think it's special. One is more than none. And I am getting the jitters and all kinds of excited now that it's a real little baby with a real little heart beat. A heart beat the made me cry.

My days can be about a baby now. Not just about gas and bloating (which who know you could feel like dying from bloating?). Not just about what I will or won't eat. And not just about so friggin' exhausted I am (could barely lift my feet to walk on the treadmill yesterday!!).

Today- I heard a name. And I got giddy. A baby name I would love love love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I am so excited to tell anyone and everyone about it! It's a girl name. My baby is an estimated 9 weeks 4 days... no gender to be said of. Here I am already sensing out names that make me think of little girl bedrooms and pig tails and dress up and baby girl smiles and singing.

So now... I can be excited. It's a real baby even thought it's not two babies- Kris and I didn't even think about that.

Big smiles. Little 1 inch bouncing bean jumping around in my belly. So yeah, big smiles.

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