Saturday, January 29, 2011

I leak pee

Not pee from my bladder. Pee from my giant jug of pee. That sounds soooo ridiculous, and trust me when my doc told me I'd pee in a jug for 24 hours I thought it was ridiculous too. TMI, but I pee a lot.

I thought some of the worse stomach buggy nausea had passed- until last night. Oh it's still present. And I can honestly say the back pain from the stomach aches is almost as bad as the stomach pain. It just won't let me sleep through it. Oh well. It's fewer and farther between. That's a happy thing, right? Well I can convince myself that that means my baby is whithering away in me... so yes for now it's happy.

Oh yeah. Pee. Well, I was so good about being sterile and not spilling all the way to the hospital. That is until I felt something wet on my side. And set the jar (that was in a plastic bag) on the counter at the lab and it left pee on it. Sleeve to the rescue... I was really embarassed. It wasn't a lot thank good because I think they would have made me do it over. Oh well.

Kris and I know it's a priority to spend special time together. I know it at least and he agrees (to let me spend his money on things to do together). We are planning a Valentines get away and a fifth year Anniversary getaway. I found beautiful cabins for the first get away. Way out in the country, but luckily with a handful of restaurants local. Even a spa. It's on a river and has a romantic feel. We'll go hiking and fishing and be super lazy and try new foods. Like we usually do. Just explore.

It's important to me too that Kris feel special and loved, because all my love will be diverted at some points toward a little being. He'd take it more graciously than other guys, but I know that he's just force it inward and it would take work to excavate those feelings. I want him to know I love him. And he's working on the same thing. It's difficult when you show love with food though. Really... I hate it most times. I doesn't feel like a date. It's like another trip to the bathroom- just following the motions of my body's needs. Not actually being all that romantic to spend money stuffing my face. But alas, this month was all about eating out. And although sometimes romantic, I was mostly driven by food.

And it's not because Valentines is coming... it's because a baby is coming that I want to feel like we are doing our best as husband and wife... not just as roommates or partners.

For now, I'll keep researching beautiful cabins and restaurants and settle on a plan to get away from our regular routine and enjoy a weekend together.

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