Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I was afraid of unknowns...

but in the appt we saw little legs, little arms, a heart beating, a nice straight spine, and a baby about the shape of a bean. About 1 inch long and estimated 9 weeks (not my guess of 10). Don't now how I feel about that..... but the funny part is that makes the due date my sister's birthday!! We'll just tell the world late August.

Pictures soon! Gotta scan them first.

Prayers daily so that my dear little bean baby lives to be very old.


FYI TMI - My uterus is very VERY tilted, can't remember if it's inverted or anterior or posterior. Probably the last one. So that doesn't make much of a difference. There is still a baby in it!

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Just so said...

Hurray!!!! I am so excited for you guys. Hopefully you will get more comfortable and your energy will return soon. Nothing like seeing things move around to know there is a living being inside you. Congrats MOM!