Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sneezes and Curry

Boy oh boy the congestion is takingover my face. The sneezes and the runny nose and the draining. Bleh.

Also- anything curry is gross. The blogroll of foodie options mention curry every other day. Which before was ok. But it all looks like someone puked it or pooped it and it is nasty. I'm not even thinking about smell. I think that if food doesn't look aesthetically pleasing and I can't tell what is in it, gross gross gross. Anything brownish, orangish, dark greenish, gross gross gross. I need a plate that has separated food. Carne asada, sour cream, avacado, beans (although brown, i know what they are), pico de gallo, and rice. If it's something I make at home frequently- I know what's in it. It's ok. But boy oh- to have pictures make you sick is a joy.

Also-- NO MORNING sickness or nausea!!! Just some aversions, but wowza lots of energy this week. YAY for second trimester.

Watching about the murder cases going on makes my heart hurt. Having abused children in this world is so disturbing. I am one of those. I am a lucky one- my parents educated me and trusted me and loved me unconditionally. If I hadn't had that support the abuse could have continued and I could have blamed myself.

And this is where the tears start. After reading about the family sexually abusing the girls by brothers and dad- I read more. It was called "Promise Not to Tell." I didn't realize why they were first on Oprah, but the article revealed that they knew if they came forward about the sexual abuse and incest that more would come forward. I realized that while I can barely related to their level of abuse, I was a girl who came forward about her abuse.

The first girl.

And then more came forward.

And a few more.

And a terrible man who did more terrible things to other girls for a long time was put away because of me. Because of my parents just believing me. Wow. That's an awesome feeling. All because they knew their little girl wouldn't lie about that and my safety was their top priority. Not embarassment. Not shame. Not repressing a silly girl's imagination, because how would she know what that would feel like and it must be a lie. I will listen to my children and I will protect them verociously. But there are creeps out there and I fear them. I pray my loved ones are lucky enough to go through life unscathed.

Ok so sneezing, curry, and sexual abuse didn't sound good as a title.

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