Monday, February 21, 2011

Fear the Varicose! Also I am Veruca Salt.

SO I haven't written in a while. After you explain somethings... and they tend to stay the same or get better, there's no news. Which is good news too.

Latest updates:
  • I swear I can feel a fish in my belly. Not often but sometimes when I'm quiet and still I can. And there are always naysayers about this... and poo poo to you! Is what I say.
  • Oprah made me cry. A lot. Her show just makes me bawl. Happy stuff mostly, like a couple with sextuplets getting $250k from Walmart. Tears and tears. Even from commercials.
  • I am sleeping with a pillow between my legs and sitting in the same fashion because I'm a constant leg crosser and honestly it hurts my hips. And I don't want the VEINS!

Overall my condition has gained energy and appetite! I felt productive today. Dishes, laundry, groceries. Fantastic.

I did however scare the daylights out of Kris. Around 4 am this morning I was urning to pee- which means the dreams I am dreaming I remember clearly. And they were scary intruder nightmares. Happens every so often that every bump in the night freaks me out. Well, almost back asleep and snoozing, I heard a few bumps. And then the squeal of the door to the bedroom as it opened. The hand I had placed on Kris's back for comfort before then nearly murdered him with claws. They popped out just like a cat's. Didn't scratched him, just dug those puppies in. AND I DIDN'T MEAN TOO! But the poor guy, who is terrible to try and wake, had found his achilles heal (as had I, muahahahha). His adrenaline was so pumped he couldn't sleep again. SO... he woke up for the day. Poor guy. I'm laughing hysterically though at remembering him yelling, "OW, ouch. OUCH." My claws stayed in for a while. The cat as the perpetrator btw and that didn't matter he was still forced to inspect the house after I "stabbed him." Those are his words. I believe "stabbed me with a fork" were what he said exactly. LOL. I still can't stop laughing uncontrollably!

Anywho. Life has gotten better, though nothing sounds good to eat most of the time. I can eat much more and a bigger variety of things once I get it past my mouth. Only a few meals ended with my nose upturned.

On another note, my family is in love with Kris. My mother always called me Veruca from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (I abhor this film). So cute. I have a spoiled rotten nickname. She'd always say, "But father, I want it and I want it now." Which I cannot deny is how I live my life. Impatiently. So then, when I recounted this nickname to Kris, he found an ideal moment to say, "I want it, I want it now!" as my pregnant demands are taxing the poor fellow some days. Telling my mother this made her joyful with laughter (at my expense) and I admit he is quite funny. But my mother, just fawns over how funny he is. They see he takes care of me while not taking my shit. A hard job to do and none of them wanted it permanently. Speaking of- why does he? He really does seem to like waiting on my hand and foot. My comfort is him showing his undying love. Now if only I can get him in the bedroom- "I want it, and I want it now" is a theme throughout all aspects of my life. :P

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