Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My baby is a baby!

Appointment surprise! An ultrasound to see if that baby is kicking. Sure thing it was! It was an active little bugger. I liked seeing every little bone. The ribs looked like God made them himself. The spine. The little skull. The hand was fantastic. I saw each little digit. There were all 5 little fingers and I saw it perfectly. The heart was beating away. It was moving and kicking and waving it's hands. Even though we didn't hear the heart beat ,we saw it is very alive and apparently very cozy in the back of my belly.

I got a good idea of who Susan, my midwife, is through talking to her about what she loves in her job. She's been doing it for 25 years. She's had children herself. I love her energy. In such a high power, demanding, person intensive position she is great at just being in the moment with you.

I just made the very poor mistake of watching a restaurant challenge show and now I want all manner of unhealthy foods- mac and cheese, hot dogs, bbq, sausages, tator tots, meatballs, grilled cheese. I was trying to gain weight or keep my weight up with some unhealthier eating, but I am not going to do that now. My doctor said she wouldn't even be concerned if I lost some weight while eating a good diet. OH! And chicken wings... num num num!

Rough sleep makes me very emotional and volatile. Daylight savings is a son of a bitch. I'm feeling the pain of a tension head ache and some sleep deprivation. I suppose I better get used to it huh?

I rest reassured though knowing there is a mango sized baby dancing around in my big womb. It actually looks like a baby and has kissable palms of it's hands. Amazing :D.

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