Tuesday, March 29, 2011

WTF is Blanqi??

Searched: pregnancy support tank top
Result: Blanqi

So here I am with an aching butt and feet. Literally my tail bone is on fire! But the feet ain't none so bad.

I know it's to do with posture, but I need some support too. I searched ebay and BEAT! a lady for the tank at a $12 discount. I know, I know... big deal, but I beat her! And I could have won a bag of guts and thought it was awesome. It feels good to win sometimes.

What is a Blanqi tank? It is this. It's the most expensive piece of clothing I ever bought. This is my first day wearing it. Essentially it's an under garment, a support girdle. First with the aprons and the canning, and now I'm on to support girdles and coupons. I may be stepping back to the 50s but I have to say, when it's a choice, it ain't a half bad lifestyle. Throwing away a part of history because it was tainted for several generations seems hasty to me. The intentions are different now. My tank is for support and health- not propriety and looking nice... though what's wrong with those? I suppose if it's a brain washed sort of message I'd reject it too.

Anywho- wearing my Blanqi all day, though I don't know how I feel about sweating and exercising in it. I think I may be hand washing this puppy a few times... few thousand times. I think, well if I can get lots of wear from it and it relieves pain, and I can pass it on or use it again, it could be worth it. Here's to wishful thinking (oh and here's to it actually helping!!)!!

Off to eat lunch and then zumba. And vacuuming and laundry and dishes. Sitting on the couch from fatigue yesterday was NOT the plan and was very frustrating, but you live and get on with life. And spend the next day catching up.

And again here's to wishful thinking that I get all that done. :D

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