Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Did I Ever Tell You Excel How Much I Love You?

I make excel spreadsheets for fun. I like information. I like lists. I like organization. I like numbers. It just all works for me. I am actually really good at it too. All that time at LRAPA actually paid off with a lot of hours in Excel practicum.

What am I up to now? Well....

"How Much Does a Baby Really Cost..."

A purchase record of all transactions baby related. Diaper bag, garage sale finds, resale toys, vitamins for momma, maternity clothes... all of it.

I started in January and I decided anything I owed before 2011 is a wash, such as fabric used for baby clothes, any baby clothes I already owned, and any toys.

The point of this experiment, as I've said before, is to be uber conscious and aware of spending. I hate being down on myself about what I eat. I find that if I track it and am aware of it the stress and pressure is relieved. I'm looking forward to next time to make better decisions, instead of regretting bad decisions. Forgiveness. Forgive myself for not being perfect and encourage myself to try harder.

The hardest part of baby stuff is how much I want to buy it all up NOW! Which is a tired subject on this blog I'm sure, but I realized I hadn't spent anything for the last few weeks, except a diaper bag. Time to update Excel!

Damage done so far? $614

That includes a carseat and beautiful wooden toys, my two big ticket items. The estimated first year cost is $6,000 or more per child in the first year. I've read numbers as high as $9,000. I doubt we will reach $6k.

However, buying used and getting hand me downs is the best way to do that. I'm off to a big consignment sale in June to scope out a stroller and a crib just in case there are the ones I want right there on sale.

The work of being a mother has already started :D

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