Thursday, June 2, 2011

Updates from a Seven Month Pregnant Lady: Adventures in the third trimester begin!

Here is an amazing list of updates I am happy to record. Well some are happy. Others are just.. well there.

  1. I experienced some aunty guilt at missing my niece's birthday party, but it was good for me. I have to quit being a perfectionist super person. I can't always be there and NO the world won't fall down if I miss something. Love IS enough. So I got her a giant easel because she's a little artist. I like to see her smile. So we also took her to fro-yo and she picked out the candies and said thank you with sticky kisses and yelled at birds. I was out of it and not 100% and she didn't care. Showing up was enough. I'm much too hard on myself.
  2. I was very active last week. Swimming, yoga, walking. I felt great. My legs do get crampy now and that nerve that Grace pushes on does sometimes cut off the oxygen to my brain. But overall the physical activity is an amazing relief to tension and stress.
  3. Ride to San Francisco! My last trip of the year before Grace. Our last trip, because Kris was with me. Though hesitant at first, we both bucked up and made the best of the drive, which can be hellish for the pregnant woman. AND hellish on a marriage. People, if you want an argument, put two people who have different personalities and driving styles into a car. There is a guaranteed chance that if at least one of you is grumpy/tired/hungry, you will argue. We did the best we could and came out happy but exhausted.
  4. San Francisco/Pacifica CA! How was the coast? Oh amazing. Admittedly tense at moments, what with family stuff. But I adapted, traveled, walked, ate, and slept well. It was amazing to have a fun trip with my sister, nephew, and brother-in-law. My husband is the king of all husbands. He is truly my best friend. He understands me and forgives me for my faults and cherishes me. It made for a great time enjoying food, sun, sand, and family.
  5. I visited at least 12 bathrooms along the I-5 corridor and I am pleasantly surprised to say almost all had adequate facilities.
  6. I got strawberries in California which means it is strawberry picking season. It's not like a normal year. No-sir-ee-bob. I'm pregnant and craving strawberries. My usual one pound in a sitting could easily turn into 3-4 lbs/day. I'm sorry, but they are so good. Actually, I'm not sorry. My baby gets the best and berries couldn't get any better.
  7. I finished another dress :D EEEEE! And I have several more to work on. I plan to gather my knitting patterns and ask Beth for help to get me started. :D
  8. I dreamt of my baby. Everyone else was holding her. Which begs the question, where the hell did she go off to after I gave birth to her?? She was a real baby for a bit, but then she was black. Then she was a doll. Then I woke up. But hey!! I finally dreamt of my baby!
  9. Kris and I have an important anniversary- the one where we began- on June 5th. :D
Pregnancy updates:
  1. I had my blood glucose test and I hope it comes back with good results (ie not gestational diabetes). She said no news is good news. And I have yet to hear anything....
  2. My legs are killing me some nights so yoga has helped.
  3. The kitty was purring on my belly and Gracie really liked that. Or didn't. Whatever her crazy kung fu moves mean, I dunno.
  4. And the craziest thing so far in the beginning of the third trimester.... Crying. I feel like bawling. Well sometimes I just do. I cried today about every animal I ever lost. I feel like crying for no reason most times. And sometimes I'm just overwhelmed.
Kris has been a great rock when I've been the flubbery and jelly one. He's a great provider and a natural nurturer. In fact, he loves to nurture. He gets this from his mother. His mother nurtures the hell out of you. It's the best thing about her. The no strings attached unconditional love. And I hooked a man who has that too. It's amazing to know you have a great selfless provider as a partner. (It can lead to martyrdom, but we'll keep an eye out for that one).

Alas. That is a very long update. I didn't say it'd be short. But now that I have some 80 days left, give or take two weeks, of baby carrying until Grace actually gets here, I am feeling very good. :D And here we go third trimester.....

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