Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Just because I'm gone, doesn't mean I'm missing....

Busy, busy times the last week. Last two weeks really.

Lots to update, so much so that I don't know if I can remember it all.

  • My sister visited with my darling and adorable nephew! So many memories!
  • I bought some wooden toys.... expensive toys but I got them as a steal!
  • I found a carseat
  • I found a stroller
  • I bought neither
  • We planned some of the baby shower for Rainier
  • I cleaned out the second bedroom (this is the most amazing!)
  • I received (and bought) some darling clothes... it's multiplying!
  • I have projects planned and supplies to do sewing
  • I went to the Aquarium, homex2, the park, shopping

So that's what I've been up to. Yesterday I sent my sister off on Allegiant Air or as she thinks Terrifying Air. It was her personal hell and was delayed 9+ hours.... I feel entirely responsible and I was so emotional. But C'est La VIE! It's behind her and her life is still bumpy, but it's a wonderful life to lead. What problems... baby, new life in San Fran, and a husband. Sure they come with stress. She'll learn from all of them like I learn from all of them. Life is tough but it is also great.

In other news- BABY GRACIE is a strong mover. Strong. I can see my belly bump. She rolls around and bumps around and surprises me with those funny feelings and I am happy to feel them. I have another appointment tomorrow with my fav midwife. I am trying to get back to a wonderful routine of healthful living- exercise, eating, and sleep.

On another trippy note my gianormous boobs surprised me today with some leaking today. Kris doesn't have his nipples leaving stains. This is a serious side affect- that sort of makes me laugh. Kris likes the size... I think we will chalk up the milk stains as mother nature at work and how really beautiful the female body is. You know? Blah blah blah, even though it made me slightly uncomfortable. I suppose that will go away quickly. I can just imagine mothers telling me so. :D Oh the joys. I can't wait to hold this little bugger.... it still isn't fully real.

Three months. Just over 3 months. 3.... 3..... 3...... I'm impatient, but I know I'll need that time to prepare physically and mentally. Kris is.... a blank canvas along for the ride. I look to him for his reaction, but their isn't one yet. There will be though. What a wonderful uncle- he'll be an awesome dad.

Happy Mother's day me. You get nipple stains, expensive wooden toys, and baby girl clothes. Life is good.

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