Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pregnancy makes everything crazy

Everything... even my lungs. I have this terrible wet wheeze... from pregnancy. Or rather, pregnancy worsening my allergies and asthma. Honestly, if I can sleep through the night without coughing, which I can, then hell, it ain't so bad! With meds things improve and I'm not too uncomfortable. It's just a weird side affect.

I have to take meds I'd rather not. They aren't on the safest side of the scale, but I need to breathe right? The pollen is out, which means the sun is out. The beautiful sun! OH if I could just write you a sonnet and brush your golden locks and kiss your rosy face.... oh sun!

Which... means it's warm and beautiful and slightly breezy and worthy of a million walks outdoors. I could clear my head really quickly with the talk radio podcast, looking at flowers, and feeling the sun on my back. Alas. Until I meet with the allergist this week, I am playing it safe. Like a girl in a bubble... which means no walks for a bit. That is unless it rains!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know, I checked out about 20 books on pregnancy and delivery (on two different occasions=40+ books) a while back. One of them was purely about walking during pregnancy and how great it is for you. How it strengthens your body, the pelvic floor, and your posture. How it keeps that circulation going and the oxygen flowing. You are pumping so much blood, you need to exercise your heart! And research has shown that the baby responds very well to exercise, unlike popular opinion in the obstetrics past. It will actually help the health of the baby's heart. They have slower and steadier heart rates once born. And now I feel caged, like I can't be healthy... so I go down to the treadmill two different times to find it occupied. It makes a girl really grumpy.

A book about... walking. That was Kris's reaction at least. But that's how I prepare. I read and read and I look for a way to use the most powerful tool in my arsenal for good= knowledge.

But that's unsettling too. There is such a thing as too much information. I become a crazy lady. Kris is more reactive. When it gets here, like jumping hurdles, he jumps it. Or walks around it. Or crawls beneath it. He is rock solid. Confident. How in the HeyyyyyyyELLLLLL? Does he think "Baby. Boob. We're good?" Such a rock. He tells me everything will be ok, even though I know he doesn't know that. He still believes it.

I know WAY more than him and feel less prepared. And maybe that's part of why he's rock solid. He trusts me. But he is... ready. He said he would be ready today if the baby came. Really? Because I have vacuuming to do, there are still chemicals under the sink, I don't have a crib, I need to get booby tank tops, we don't have the diaper service set up... I'm a little neurotic. Pregnancy makes everything... lungs and pregnant brains crazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy!

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