Sunday, June 5, 2011

It is hitting me....

... just how soon a baby will be here. 77 days till my due date. That's plus or minus two weeks. SO hoping all goes well and a healthy birth transpires, this "two of us" will soon be a "three of us." 63 to 91

I am big in the belly. Comfortable everywhere else most of the time, I do occasionally get assaulted from the inside which can make it hard to walk because someone is leaning too hard on a certain spot. She adjusts and then I move on. We went for walks both today and yesterday, despite the heat. My ankles were a bit swollen yesterday. I take that to be a sign I: ate too much sodium that day, needed some exercise, and needed some water. Today is back to normal. I don't want to jinx it but I think I have a fairly easy pregnancy... knock on wood.

After my glucose test, I annoyingly called my midwife's office for results (that they didn't have yet). I was informed that if I was in fact positive for gestational diabetes that they would call me. I assume that they would call because I'd have to go back into the LAB for that icky 3 hour blood glucose test where you drink way more pure sugar than is sane and sit in an annoying waiting area for 3 hours... where old people complain... a lot. I know. I was there last week.

But no call- which I think is good news! So we'll talk about the results at the next midwife appt., which is Wednesday, with a new midwife named Angie.

On another subject. I am getting quite good at whipping up baby clothes on the sewing machine. No patterns. Just old pillow cases with funky 1980s patterns, boxes of fabric, bags of lace/trim/bobbits, and some thread. The best pattern is a dress I already have. I just go to the second bedroom, look through the things I like that I have been given and choose a size. Then I just add a little for the seam allowance and cut around the outfit. Viola! I get tons and tons of ideas from online. So many in fact I have a separate file folder for baby stuff bookmarks. I've made 4 dresses so far, and all of them should be able to grow with her, meaning with a tweak or two she can wear them for longer than the standard.. I dunno week. :P Lol

I plan to make a little picture gallery of the clothes I make. I enjoy making them. (OH! IDEA! I should make little tags so people know I made them if I pass them on... my own brand). It's not quite like quilting or piecing together blankets. I enjoy the fun aspect of a short term project that has immediate results for my A.D.D. I don't really have A.D. D., but with a pregnant brain, I do end a day feeling like a did a little on ten thousand different things and didn't really get anywhere. Speaking of... I have pizza to make, laundry to fold, and a carpet to vacuum.. oh and floors to mop. I'm here on my laptop thinking about baby clothes and blogging. Dilemma...

Alas, this day is a good day, if only for the feeling of ease and relaxation. I attribute this to my AIR CONDITIONER, without whom I could not function. It is a mere 76 degrees outside... but I am not combating outdoor temps. I have neighbors... and heat rises. My floors feel sickly warm. Well not any more actually. My poor electricity bill. I guess that's what we saved money for. I get sweaty (which is too manly in smell to be cute) and warm very easily. Mix that with some leaky, sticky boobs- how would you feel? SUPER gross. Don't catch me when my feet are warm either because I'm one damn scary beotch. (Cue Steve Martin and his gloves, sweater, and scarf... Father of the Bride II :D). BUT! I am relaxed and happy... as long as my AC is working.

77 days.... 11 weeks.... I wonder if she has tally marks going on the walls of my uterus counting down to when she busts out...

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