Thursday, January 6, 2011

I stay in bed to dream

Ridiculous- I know. 12 hours of sleep. And I thought I was already weird being one of those people that needs 8-9 hours of sleep. But I slept in today, even though I could be up at 8 am, because the bed was so cozy and my dreams were running like mad. Crazy. Freaking crazy dreams. But more than anything, they are vivid and more real. My dad was building on to my childhood house because he wanted a door leading to the outside. From the second level. Out into thin air. Like that crazy lady's house, the wife of that rifle maker. He claimed he wanted to release the demon priest from the house. He was haunting it and giving it negative vibes.

And then there was a pause in that dream for a very vivid sex dream. Then right back to my childhood home.

The creepiest thing this morning? Well that other stuff isn't creepy because I just forgot it like any other dream. But when I heard Kris say, "Honey?" I felt him walk around the bed. He was checking on me because I was still in bed. Yep. My husband haunted me. So how do you think I greeted his question? I looked and he wasn't there, which creeps me out now that I'm remembering it. But when I looked I "hrmphed" and rolled under the three comforters again and prayed for a little more sleep.

My alarm went off for two hours. Every ten to twenty minutes. I woke up just enough to stop it and then cuddled back in. WHY DO I DO THIS? It's not like I'm possibly getting a good morning sleep if I'm up every 10 minutes shushing my phone.

Despite all this, my head is clearer today. Yesterday, my head was so noisy. SO noisy. Just buzzing and tingly. It was obnoxious and I was annoying even myself. I feel like that sleep helped clear my head. I know not walking or working out yesterday contributed, but I was so whiny and my stomach was so uncomfortable that I just sat on the couch. Probably the worst thing for my stomach.

So today I have to clean up a little, pick up Kris for his license, and maybe.... just maybe get up the energy to go to zumba. I know what it feels like how to feel dizzy and fatigued, so if I can't go right now... I have just 3 more weeks until my 2nd trimester.

WHoa... 3 weeks. That feels so short saying it out loud, but in my head it's 3 very scary weeks that I hope I make it through. When will I feel like it's real? It just isn't yet. But real probably doesn't come until I feel that baby kick. Or until it's in my arms. Or until it reacts to my voice. I was considering calling an OB at the Corvallis clinic just to get an ultrasound earlier, because my other appt. isn't for two more weeks.

Ok so now that I've dumped my brain into this post, I hope it makes me feel better today. Maybe I'll be more active and feel less crummy.

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