Monday, January 17, 2011

Cravings I'll Kill For (in no particular order)

  1. Movie theater popcorn
  2. Real ball park hot dog with mustard and ketchup
  3. Bagel with jalepeno salsa cream cheese with bacon
  4. Chicken gnocchi soup (ate that for dinner, it was awesome!!)
  5. Corn dogs, hot and super crispy, but not burnt with mustard and ketchup
  6. Kettle corn
  7. Chipotle burrito with guacamole (had this and want more please!!)
  8. Turkey and havarti panini with garlic sauce from Safeway
  9. Fried boneless chicken and biscuits
  10. Buffalo chicken and really spicy too with blue cheese dressing (I actually cried when I realized I couldn't have blue cheese. Real tears.)
  11. Coconut prawns with marmalade from McGrath's
  12. My broiled cheese bake with marinara and french bread
  13. CREPES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Suzette style with whip cream
  14. Oat pancakes with blueberries and ricotta in it... with my jam on top
  15. A cheese burger
  16. oh AND A CORN DOG... I might have said that
  17. And a bratwurst
  18. My grandma's peanut cake squares

This list could grow, but actually this about limits it. When I eat one thing I can't really go back to it always. Soup seems to be fine and I can eat that for several meals.

OH ham and cheese sandwich.

Like I said. I would kill for some of these. I might push down old people for a corn dog. Does that make me a terrible person? Probably. Today, I was in line the check out line at Safeway, with the woman who hired me 5 years ago checking us out. So while looking for my debit card, she asked what have I been up to. Apparently I was so rude to her that Kris noticed and told me. See I left my debit card at the pharmacy, for a perscription I didn't even have to pay for. And I was so focused on that I missed her question. My stupid brain powder fell right out of my head. A few donut holes helped, I was hungry apparently. (Which I just jumped up in angst to get two little devils to pop in... hope I don't regret that.)

Tomorrow is our first prenatal appt. I pick Kris up from work and then we head to the doctor's for an unknown barrage of questions. Talk of worries. And hopefully a heart beat. I'm praying for a heart beat.

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