Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Supposed to be in bed... I'm always supposed to be in bed but I'm not...

Quick post for the night. Today I thought about:

- Gender reveal party ideas
- Worrying about what could go wrong between now and the 18th, our ultrasound
- Thinking about cake ideas
- Cloth diapers and what kinds I might try out
- How Kris is handling his ideas about parenthood/babydom
- Baby prenatal appoint, my questions, my health history
- I'm down 20 lbs since I was last at the doc- YAY
- More cake ideas- why am I all about the cakes!
- How to get motivated to exercise
- How to recover from walking around a large campus block
- My gma telling me I'm not sick so get over it
- My mom telling me people will give me crappy gifts and to take them happily
- Baby clothes
- Blank onesies to stitch on
- Making my maternity apron!

That is just a fraction of what I think. AND to tell you the truth, I can't believe I recalled all of that. It's bouncing around in my head. I woke up this morning dreamily thinking of pink and blue bubbly champagne drinks at a gender reveal party. Very specific. Also, different from the usual sex dream.

This post is meant to be positive and less focused on the present (my ailments). I had a gas attack last night I wouldn't wish on anyone- but it went away. I'm learning that... it will go away. With time. Each thing has it's presence, for a moment and you have some/little control over it. Do your best. It is hard to be gracious when I am wallowing in the present. I haven't yet gotten excited for the future. Beyond the 18th and our prenatal appt. I let myself do that today.

The only constant with all this change is I want a baby. Some day I will get one.

Onward and upward and never looking back. Some smart guys said there is a reason for time... so we can deal with life just one day at a time.

I have always hated time... and how long it took. I guess that means I really want to live.

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