Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My pink stick is finally PINK! Now what...

I'm pregnant after wanting to be pregnant... oh all my life. But most intensely since April of this year and the June of the year before, but life got in the way. We needed insurance. And once we got insurance we got pregnant right away! Which lasted about two days in May. But I was so happy to know that I could get pregnant!

Then I put my mind to losing weight. And I did lose weight. Because thinking about not getting pregnant would have driven me insane. Since Jan I have lost about 40 lbs. I look better and feel better and just in time.


I made a plan this month around. Sex every other day... because the trying for ovulation day just hadn't been working. And it worked!

When did I first think I was pregnant? Well, funny enough. I had the in-laws down for a casual Thanksgiving. Just a half hour before they were going to leave, I drank a little cup of espresso. And then my bladder was begging for the bathroom, which spiraled into a clusterfuck of a relationship with the toilet for two to three days. There was a fever. There were chills. There was nausea and diarrhea.

Self diagnosis? Food poisoning? Flu? No one else had it. I was NOT thinking, "Oh wonderful, the miracle of life just took place in my womb and my body is just overflowing with joy!"

Uh it was more like, "Oh SHIT, I'm dying and my body is overflowing with sewage and pain and sickness!"

Then on the weekend after my fever fell and my chills subsided, I called my mother. She said, "You know, I was very sick one thanksgiving too. Flu symptoms just like this. I was pregnant and had Emily the next year in August."

Hmm. I kept telling myself... ya right! And then the sore breasts, fatigue, and peeing all the time struck. I checked with tests easily a dozen times. Somedays, just to make sure I was still pregnant and not dreaming.

So now that I'm pregnant. 5 weeks and 3 days. YAY!!! Yayish, the excitement dissipated very quickly because there really is nothing to do at this point but be happy and wait. It's like I'm waiting for the next symptom- as if throwing up would make it more real. I don't need to worry yet, that over-full feeling is setting in and the acid reflux is sneaking up every once in a while.

I'm reading Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy and it's way funny! The things I'm learning!

Well off to do things I've been putting off. Such as getting facial wax so that the hairy monster on my face will leave me be.

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